10 Habits to successfully manage your time

10 Habits to successfully manage your time

Time is a type of commodity that can never be regained once lost. A day has 24 while a week has 168 hours and this number can never change. The only thing you can do is to use this time as wisely as possible. If you use this time well, it will be a good investment and will definitely pay you back in the future.

I have tried to list down some habits here that, once adopted, will definitely be helpful in saving your time and utilizing it in the best possible manner.


Analyze how you are spending your time daily. Monitor your routine for a week and see how you do things every day. Most people are often unaware of the details of how they are spending their time. This simple exercise proves really effective and is helpful to get you rid of unproductive activities.

Planning and priorities

List down the activities and works that are to be done on priority. As we are fresh and energetic in the morning, these tasks should be completed in the first half of the day. Tasks of less importance can be planned to be completed in the second half, as they are easy to do.

Waking up 15 minutes ahead of schedule in the morning

If you are able to wake up 15 minutes ahead of your daily schedule, you will get additional 75 minutes in the whole week (excluding weekends). Morning is the calm time to complete tasks that require more attention and concentration. Thus, this will be the best time to complete such tasks.

Scheduling the usage of the internet

When we come online, we do not realize how fast time goes, as if it has got wings. We become addicted to computer usage when we are online. It is necessary to define a schedule at what time of the day we should use the internet. If we continue using it throughout the day without any schedule, most of our tasks of higher priority just are delayed. We need to define the number of houses to use the internet in a week. This would really save some time for us and we can use that time to do something effective or we can spend that time with our family.

Making a to-do list

At the start of every week, prepare a to-do list of your tasks for the whole week. This can be further split up into daily activity lists. This would definitely help us manage things better.

Logging out of social media and email accounts on the mobile phone

I have seen people who are online for 24 hours. I do not think this is a good habit. Family life is much disturbed by that. Activities of leisure time and work time are mixed together increasing confusion further. Always make this a habit to log out of your email and social media accounts when you are away from work or with your family. Try to live in the moment you are, not away from it. If you are out with your family and are busy on a mobile screen chatting or doing official emails, your family members will be embarrassed. Therefore, there should be discrimination between office work and time at home.

Minimizing expectations

You need to judge how much you expect from people. If it is too much then you are embarrassed most of the time when these expectations are not met. Always keep your expectations at a moderate level.

Change your thinking

“I am very busy” or “I have no time for others,” reflect negativity in your thoughts. It conveys that you are helpless in your situation. Always think positive and you will use your time in a better way. If you think you can do something, then you really can. If you start with a negative approach that a certain task is very difficult and you are unable to do it, the task will really feel difficult when you start. The mind works as we train it.

Adopting Multitasking

If you are going to visit someone, you plan to do some other things as well that are to be done on that route. This way you will save time. For example, you can purchase groceries while coming back from a friend, instead of going back from home for that shopping.

Keeping things tidy and arranged

Things randomly placed on the table will divert your attention from your main activity. If things are placed in a manner and are well organized, chances of their being lost decrease and you are always able to reach them in less time. You are also able to look after them better.

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