Benefits of physical pain you should know

Benefits of physical pain you should know

There are many things in life we try to avoid. One of them is the physical pain in our bodies. By definition, pain is a kind of emotional distress, a feeling that we try to avoid because it hurts. Pain is a feeling that we always try to remove or lessen as it affects other activities of our daily life. Have you ever wondered that the feeling of physical pain has certain advantages or benefits for us?

It is a blessing as it helps us identify the problem in a particular area of the body. Let me put down my points to show that pain is actually a great blessing for all of us. We enjoy many benefits of pain throughout our lives.

Pain is a kind of warning system installed in our bodies by God. When there is something wrong, a feeling of pain starts in that particular part, the message reaches the brain and we come to know that something is wrong in that particular part. This helps us correct that area to relieve us of the pain we have. The pain thus acts as an alarm to us warning us to cure that area or the problem would increase.

It helps us from seriously injuring ourselves. For example, if we touch something very hot, the pain in that area tells us not to keep that body part in that position for long, or it will increase the damage to our body.

Consider it just like a security system installed in a building. When there is some threat to the building or the people in the building, an alarm goes off and people start leaving the premises. When the building is evacuated, the cause of the danger is investigated and removed. Thus the alarm helps us avoid any loss that might have been caused if people would have remained inside the building and continued their activities. After the cause of the danger is removed, people are good to go inside the building and continue with their work.

Pain in our body works on the same rule. For example, if there is something wrong in one part of our leg, let’s say we have hit something and our ankle is bleeding, we will feel pain in that area. This would force us to pay attention to that part. When we see the ankle damaged, we would proceed with its cure. If there had been no pain in that area and we would have continued our routine, the affected area might have gone from bad to worse. Thus the pain has worked at the right time and informed us to take care of something wrong with our ankle.

Similarly, if we don’t feel pain, we would not be able to realize that we are going to have a heart attack, a ruptured appendix, or a broken bone. Because we don’t know, we will not proceed for treatment of these issues and that would lead to further enhancement of the problem. Pain forces us to stop our current activity and focus on the problem we have. This attention to the problem would help resolve it soon.

When we eat something and that is not good for us, for any reason that we don’t know, a pain in the stomach or some other part of the digestive track would help us know that there was something wrong with the food. We need to take care of it, otherwise the pain would increase. We are not well aware of the daily internal activities of our body. We only assume that everything is going fine and is working as it should, until and unless we feel some pain in one of our internal organs.

This helps us guess that something is wrong inside. Thus pain acts as an informer and tells us to be careful about what edibles we need to take to avoid that pain in future.

Pain also starts if we attempt to perform an activity that is not supposed to be done by a part of our body. It actually defines our limits and the time when it is good to stop and not proceed forward. For example, if we bend our knee at angle that is not fit for it and the ankle joint is not made to work at that position, a pain starts in our knee telling us that the move is not for us. That angle we are trying is not permitted and if we continue doing that, it would result in further damage.

The pain thus limits the movements of our body parts within a defined range. On these basis, we are able to predict the losses we might have, if we don’t pay attention to warnings being given by that feeling of pain.

The feeling of pain has some benefits as well.

  • It helps us understand the sufferings of other people. We would be in a position to help others only if we know how the pain hurts. If we see someone with a physical damage, we always try to help him out to reduce the pain. We do so because we know ourselves how the pain hurts.
  • A feeling of pain strengthens our belief in God as we know He is the healer of all pain. Sometimes we try our best to remove the feeling of pain but it doesn’t help. God is then our last resort to help us out of that situation. So pain keeps us, humans.
  • It helps to bring positive change. While noticing the injury in our body, we always try to cure it and the change coming out of it is always positive.
  • Pain also makes us believe that all humans are the same. We all feel the same pain for a particular problem, for a particular damage to our body. Everyone feels the same pain when a bone is broken or someone is injured.
  • It also helps us realize that health is the most important and greatest blessing of God, as I mentioned in one of my articles (Health – a great blessing of God). If we are healthy, we can do anything we want. When we fall sick, we are unable to continue our daily activities. We owe a great deal to God for this.
  • God has created everything for a reason. Even the pain has reasons for it. We might take it an uncomfortable feeling but it helps us know and cure the problem. There are other things in this world that we might find unpleasant but everything has a reason and purpose behind its creation. Only God has the supreme and complete knowledge of things. Our knowledge is not complete.

I believe many would agree after reading this article that physical pain does have its benefits for us.

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