How Health is One of The Greatest Blessings

How Health is One of The Greatest Blessings

Moses once asked God, if a man is to ask one of your many blessings, what should he ask? God said, Health. When having a deep look at this answer, we are surprised to see that health is indeed a great gift of God. He has made a great plan to keep a man healthy. There are many systems going on in our bodies simultaneously. We are aware of some but not of all. When we study these systems, we are amazed to see how they are working interconnected with each other.

Right after birth

When a baby is born, he/she is prone to over 4000 diseases. They keep looking for a chance to attack the body but our immune system is strong that it keeps fighting all those diseases. For example, there are germs in our mouths that can damage the heart. However, when we run fast, jog, or walk briskly, our mouths open and the air entering the mouth kills those germs. Thus, our heart is saved.

Nature’s backup for heart bypass

The first heart bypass in the world was done in May 1960 but God had already added a vein in our calves many million years ago. That vein is utilized in bypass surgery. Heart surgery might not have been possible without that vein.

Kidney Placement

There is enough space between two kidneys that a third one can be placed there. This space is there since the start of mankind.

Extra bones in the ribcage

There are some small bones attached to our rib cage. Those bones used to be considered of no use. But now medical science has seen some cases where kids are born with joint bones in the neck and throat. Due to this joint, they can’t straighten their neck and can’t speak like normal kids. When the extra bones in the ribcage were studied, they were found to be similar to those of neck bones. When those extra bones were fitted in the throat, the kids started to speak normally and were able to straighten their necks.

Liver Regeneration

Our liver is the only organ in the human body that can regenerate itself. If a finger or an arm is cut, it can’t regrow but the liver can. Scientists were surprised to see the ability of the liver to regenerate. This is because man can still live without a finger or an arm but not without a liver.

These are some of the miracles in the human body that always make us wonder. There still are processes going on in the body that we are not aware of.

We sleep daily. Our nap is a short-term death. When we are in deep slumber, we are only a step away from death but we don’t realize that. Every day we come out alive from that stage and we should be thankful to God for that.

We can say health is one of those blessings of God that is not acknowledged until they are lost. As soon as we lose health, we become aware of its importance. If we count the blessing from head to toe in the form of health, we won’t be able to count all of them. Then we realize that every one of us is actually a billionaire.

Structure of the Eye

There are some muscles in our eyebrows. If they keep working fine, we are able to blink our eyes. If these muscles fail to function, we will not be able to open our eyes.

There is no cure for this disease so far. 50 richest people in the world are suffering from this disease and they are ready to pay a lot of money to doctors but no cure is yet available.

Structure of the ear

There is a small drop of liquid in our ears. We are able to keep a balance and walk straight due to the presence of this liquid. If this tiny drop is wasted, we would be unable to keep the balance of our bodies and maintain a steady stroll. The richest people in the world are ready to pay billions of dollars to have that drop of liquid if they lose it.

Kidneys are sold for 3-4 million dollars. The retina of the eye is also sold in millions. The price of a heart goes into billions.

If you feel pain in your heel, you are ready to pay anything to get rid of that pain. Backbone pain is another disease and many people are suffering from that. If the minerals start accumulating in bone joints, the pain is so severe that man starts asking for death.

Constipation and Hemorrhoids are yet other types of serious and prolonged disease. A small pain in a tooth would not let you sleep the whole night. Migraine pain is also increasing and it is hard to bear. Companies that make medicines for diabetes, blood pressure, and cholesterol, earn billions of dollars each year.

If you suffer from any allergy, this becomes quite miserable. Mouth smell seems a petty matter but people spend millions of dollars to get rid of it. If the stomach fails to produce a typical acid required to digest the food, we would have to change our eating habits. Our health is a great blessing of God. We are able to do whatever want.

We can eat anything we like and it is digested well without our knowledge and taking any part in it. We can walk straight, we can run, we can bend, and our brain, liver, and kidneys work great. We can see, touch, hear, smell and taste. For all these things, we owe a great deal to our Creator. Because if something from our body is lost, we are unable to gain it back. All praise be to our Creator.

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