The Role of the mother in a family

The Role of the mother in a family

A family is a small unit of society where people live together. They are tied to each other in different relations and Mother is the base of all these relations. She is a kind of glue that holds the family together. The mother is a symbol of love, affection, and sacrifice for each member of the family. She is the very reason for anyone being in this very world. She nourishes the child for about 280 days inside her. The stage that turned her into a mother – i.e. childbirth, is one of the most difficult tasks in the world.

Science says that the human body can bear pain up to 45 Dels but the mother bears the pain of 57 Dels during childbirth. It is just like breaking 20 bones of the body at the same time. This is one of the initial sacrifices she bears for her child. From birth, the mother is all love for her children. They might not realize it at an early age but gradually acknowledge it as they prepare themselves to be parents. The mother cares, nurtures, protects, and takes care of the children in every possible way. She often has to sacrifice her own liking and choices for the sake of the children and family.

No role in life is more essential, eternal, and demanding than that of being a mother. I am not trying to prove that fathers are of less value and do not do anything for their children. I myself am the father of two daughters who are very dear to me. I have experienced situations when you have to sacrifice your own choices for the sake of children but I have seen that a mother goes a step ahead, sometimes to the extreme level to comfort her children in the best way she can.

From the very start, she does everything she can for her child. She has to wake up several times during the night when the child demands food or to change her clothing. First six months of parenting after childbirth are very difficult. Their sleep is disturbed a lot.

The child stays with the mother most of the time. Therefore, the major part of the responsibility lies on her shoulders. She is constantly and consistently engaged in that. When children grow up and go to school, she is all praying for them to reach school and back home safely. As the relationship between the mother and the child is very deep, she is always able to understand the needs and demands at every age, even when the children do not express it explicitly. The mother is so intelligent that she understands well the individual needs of every child.

Acknowledging all these efforts, the mother should be given a special place of honor, in the family by every family member. She actually spends her own self on making her children a success. She deserves our high gratitude.

Here are some of the things you can do for your mother. This would definitely give her happiness.

Always respect her, listen to her attentively, and trust her as she will never think ill of anyone in the family.

Try to learn from her strengths. She takes responsibility for the whole house when most of the family members go out to study or to work.

Fathers can also help their wives, particularly on weekends. Spend time with the family. Time spent with family and kids is the best investment in life. It always pays back.

Always spare some time to sit and talk with your mother, particularly when she grows old. Your company will give them immense pleasure. Talk to them. Old people always like to talk about their own time. The younger generation always has something to learn from in that conversation. Advice from the mother is extracted from her life experience, which is a golden rule for the younger generation.

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