Some Tips on How to Sleep Better

Some Tips on How to Sleep Better

Sleep is one of the best things in nature you enjoy at night. However, people also sleep during the daytime but at night it is a natural way. It has a lot of benefits for us. In this busy world, it is getting harder and harder to get a good sleep every day to revitalize ourselves for the next day. The main reason for this lack of sleep is excess workload and other daily activities in a short span of 24 hours. Most of us often sleep in parts. On average, eight hours of sleep is required in 24 hours.

If not slept well

When your daily sleep dose is not met, it results in other complications. Continuous lack of sleep may result in insomnia and a decline in a positive attitude. With a lack of sleep, it is hard to focus on an activity and people are often not able to do their job well. Continued sleep deprivation can even result in negative thinking about life. The most contributing factor to lack of sleep is mental stress. Most people spend their sleeping time thinking about what have they lost today. This thing does not let them sleep. I have tried here to mention a few tips to sleep better to get the maximum benefit out of it.

List down your activities

If you always keep thinking about what you are going to do the next day, simply prepare a list of tasks to be done the next day, assign them the required time slot and you will feel better. It will have a dual benefit for you. You will be confident to finish the job the next day and you will have deep sleep that day. This would have a relaxing effect on your mind and chances are you will sleep better.

Getting help with drinks

If sleep is hard to come by, try some warm milk, tea, or cherry juice. They will definitely help improve your sleep pattern.

Eating magnesium-rich food

Almond and other things having calcium and magnesium salts help in having good sleep. Try to add these items to your daily routine and you would definitely notice improvement.

No use looking at the ceiling

If you have been in the bed for the last 30 minutes and are not able to sleep so far, it would be hard to get asleep by continue doing that. In this situation, you need to get up, have a glass of water, do some physical exercise and try to avoid the thought that you are not able to sleep. Diverting the thought from the problem will help to restart the sleeping process.

Do not look at the watch

Although the watch is helpful in keeping a timely schedule, if you are stressed and not getting asleep, looking at the watch repeatedly will not help at all. Keep your watch at a distance where you cannot see it. If you have set an alarm, at least turn the face of the watch away from you.

Set a time duration to sleep

Always set a time duration to sleep and that should be around eight hours daily. Sleeping less than that on regular basis might disrupt your routine and internal systems as well. The more deep and sound sleep you have, the more chances are that you will get up fresh and energetic to perform the next day’s tasks.

Set a time to go to bed

It is often seen that most of the time in the evening is consumed watching TV or moving around. You need to fix a time when you should be in the bed. This will make sure that you complete your 8 hours of sleep. If you plan to get up early in the morning and still go to bed late, you will not have your full sleep and would not be as active as you should be the next morning.

The bed is for sleep only

To work in bed, watch TV, send/receive emails, send text messages or browse on social media are the habits that would certainly affect your sleep. All these habits do have an effect on sleep. The only purpose of going to the bed is to sleep, discontinuing all other activities.

Keep screens away from the bedroom

All screens including smartphones, computers, and TV are always attractive to indulge with but they should not be carried to the bedroom or you will definitely affect your duration of sleep by working on these devices.

To sum up all

  • list down your activities for the next day
  • don’t look repeatedly at your watch
  • set up a sleep start time
  • set up a sleep duration
  • no screens in the bedroom
  • no office work in the bedroom

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