What can we learn from Spiders' life?

What can we learn from Spiders’ life?

Spiders are one such creature. I am not going to discuss their types or categories. Most of us would already be knowing that stuff. Nor am I going to talk about spider man movies. They are already known to us. I am going to focus on the benefits that we get or can get from spiders. I have categorized this into two parts, the physical benefits that we get and the things we can learn from spiders.

Nothing has been created in vain in this world. Everything has a purpose and meaning in it. We can learn a lot even from those tiny things that we consider unimportant and useless. Apparently, we do not see getting any benefit out of them but our knowledge of things is not absolute. We keep learning with our experience. That is why we come across new things and new experiences in our life every day. If we ponder a little, we can have great knowledge to learn even from minor creatures.

Here are a few benefits to list.

Spider Silk

Spiders keep making silk throughout their life. They use it to capture prey, protect their offspring, assist them as they move, and shelter. This silk is considered the strongest natural fabric is known so far. It is at least half as strong as a steel thread having the same thickness, and still much more elastic. Efforts are currently being made by scientists to synthesize spider silk on a commercial scale. We can well imagine a future with bulletproof vests and parachutes made with spider silk.

Spider silk has also been found to conduct light almost as well as glass fiber. This opens new doors to the biosensor, laser, and microchip research.

Act against Bacteria

In the Sandwich Islands, British scientists issue spider kits to natives when they are sixteen. The spiders are necessary because they prevent a host of local bacteria that would otherwise be dangerous to humans. Anyone found to be without their spider can even face strict fines or jail time.

Pest/Disease Control

Small insects and pests are preyed on by spiders and your home has prevented these creatures to be invaded. Spiders feast on insects like crickets, flies, and other small, flying insects. They prove as a natural pest control system in the house as well as play their role in keeping the house clean.

Surprisingly, spiders prove themselves beneficial for human health in different ways. They eat many insects that cause diseases, including mosquitoes and flies. In the absence of spiders, these insects would spread diseases quite easily. Also, spider poison is not always a negative thing. Neurological experts have researched this poison for years. It can often be used to prevent damage to nerve cells in the brain for stroke victims.

In addition to these benefits, there are many things to learn from them. Here are a few to list down.

Uniqueness with style

A spider makes it web based on its body size, using a very practical and ergonomic design process. The first step is always difficult in any task. Once this is done, the spider creates an extraordinary silken net, often as beautiful as it is functional. It is also absolutely unique and personal.

Spiders are quite adaptable

Spiders are found almost everywhere on the earth except polar caps and the highest mountains. They have learned to adapt themselves according to the environment. They are able to build their home wherever they find the place to live. so they are quite adaptable. We humans, on the other hand, keep complaining about the circumstances. Instead of changing our conditions, we blame the circumstance for our failures. We need to be adaptable like the spiders to make our way anywhere we are..

Spiders are good explorers

Spiders keep traveling whenever they find a place for it. They can travel a long distance through their silk threads with the wind. After reaching new places, they build their home there and start their life in the new environment. When you go out of your comfort zone that definitely brings new experiences that add to your personal grooming and development. Spiders travel without knowing the outcome of their journeys. Similarly, we should just go with the wind, should not fear the unknown, and be ready to enjoy the new challenges.

The spider starts each day with a single-minded purpose: Overpower something, and eat it.

Spiders are consistent and persistent in their efforts
Patience is one of the ingredients of a spider’s personality. It is no spider if not patient.
They never give up. After you clean up your home and remove all of their webs, they rebuilt them within days. They never give up. They are kind of invincible this way. We need to follow the same rule in difficulties and should never give up.

Spiders are quite creative creatures

Webs made by spiders have great architectural beauty – with well-made beautiful designs. The primary objective in creating the web is to catch prey but they do it with creativity. We should always be ready to explore new ways to accomplish a task to achieve greater success. We always learn through creativity.

Spiders always welcome competition

Spider webs are often built quite close to each other. No fear of competition is seen in spiders regarding their webs. They make it where they want to make it and are never afraid of their competitors. The point to learn here is that we should always be ready to compete. Never be afraid of competition. Competition always brings out the best in yourself.

Spiders do not delay taking action

as soon as the web is damaged, for any reason; the spider starts working on it to fix it. We need to learn to fix our things as the damage happens. A bad thing can happen to our efforts at any time but we should not lose heart, instead start fixing it the very moment the damage is done. Never delay your work. There could be a hundred excuses for not doing work but do the right thing, and start doing it at the very first moment. Do not put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

Spiders work on their own

Since their birth, spiders work lonely on their own. They never depend on others for anything. We need to start relying on our own abilities and the outcome would definitely be there. We just need to take the first step.

To sum up the story, nothing is without purpose here, no matter how small it is. It is only because we do not know everything about everything. Our knowledge is quite limited. We keep adding to it with our experience.

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