Why should we respect our elders?

Why should we respect our elders?

We all learn from life. When a child is born, he is not capable of doing anything. He depends on his parents for all of his needs. He starts learning everything from this very beginning. With the passage of time, the body grows and the mind leans things about life. The memory keeps piling up things to be used later in life. For example, the child does not know that fire is hot and harmful until he touches it. At that time, he learns it and this is saved in his memory for life. When a person reaches the age of 50 +, he/she has enjoyed almost everything in life, kids, different jobs, different relations, traveling, and a lot more. The elders are ahead of us in age, experience, wisdom, and maturity. Thus, an elderly person is a kind of portable library with a lot of practical experience in it. Senior people are thus a great source of knowledge for the youngsters. They have learned all that with their own experience after hardships and sufferings. We have a golden chance to learn from them the lessons that they have already learned. We might disagree with them on certain matters but these are only a few and this is because of the changing world. However, for most of things, their advice is always solid. They have in-depth knowledge of the age they lived in. Time keeps on changing and new things keep on developing to ease our life. For example, we are quite used to cell phones these days. About 50 years back, it was not a part of routine life. How life was at that time, we can know from a senior who is 60 years old. Thus, senior people are a window to the past with their own experience. There are certain things in life we consider good when we are young. As time passes, our views on the changes and we come to realize that it was not a good decision to go that way. Our elders play a vital role in selecting or rejecting such things. Most of us reach up to those findings only after they have gone through that experience themselves and spent a lot of their time in that. The point to convey here is that our seniors are a great help if we want to learn about life. They took care of us when we are kids and it is our time to pay back when they reach that stage of life. They expect respect and help from young ones. There are many ways we can learn from them and help them. These are only a few reasons we should respect our elders.

Here are a few things we can do to help and learn side by side. Our elders would really feel happy.

  • If you find an elder trying to cross the road, go ahead and help. It will give you an inner feeling of happiness. In the end, that senior person will thank you. Sometimes a series of prayers would start for the helper and this is all spiritual. We feel quite happy and satisfied inside.
  • If you have senior elders in your house, spare some time for them. Sit with them. They always like to talk about their own time. Listen to them. You will definitely find some pieces of advice from their conversation.
  • If you are traveling in public transport and notice seniors standing by, offer your seat to them. They will really feel happy and respected.
  • While on the job, senior employees definitely have more experience for that job and can help us a lot.
  • If you are going by your car and notice an elder walking by, you can offer a pick up if the destination is the same for both of you.

The topic is quite wide and a lot of stuff can be written. I have mentioned only a few things. I hope everyone is convinced. The simple rule is; everyone wants to be respected. If we do not respect our elders, we should not expect our youngers would respect us when the time comes and we need their help. The time is bound to come for all of us.

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